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The Occupier is not allowed, in any circumstance, to carry any kind of repairs or modifications in the housing units or common spaces infrastructure and equipment. Should it be necessary to repair any unavoidable damage to the apartment, Uhub undertakes to carry out the necessary works as soon as practicable. In case such damages result from negligence on the part of the Occupier, these costs will be charged to the Occupier alongside the monthly fee to be paid following the date the damages are detected. If the damages are minor and passible of postponement, these will be repaired after the leasing agreement ends and the costs are to be discounted from the deposit.

Uhub is by no means responsible, under any case or circumstance, for any damage or loss regarding personal belongings of the Occupier or third parties.

The housing unit is intended to be used exclusively by the Occupier as such the latter cannot relinquish it, in any form, to any third party.
In general, the residents shall comply with the rules of conduct, respect the hours of silence at the building and respect any third parties´ individual property. Other residents and staff members shall also be respected. In particular, the residents shall comply with the following specific rules:


HYGIENE, CLEANING AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT The Occupier is responsible for keeping his/her room clean, organized and under proper hygiene and is also responsible for keeping equipment at the residence clean, organized and under proper hygiene. Any repair or extra cleaning following improper resident use or resulting from the violation of the referred obligations, will be charged to the Occupiers. According to table of repair services
EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE The Occupier shall maintain the furniture of the housing unit, the common equipment, and utensils under proper conditions and inside the room. The Occupier cannot move the furniture for other spaces nor bring new furniture or equipment into the residence, and if he/she does those objects will be removed from the residence, stored, and returned to the Occupier after the end of the services agreement. 50 €
It´s the Occupier’s responsibility to wash and dry dishes and cutlery after their use. All equipment is to be used in a proper and civilized manner, assuming normal rules of respect and conduct towards all other residents. It is mandatory to keep all kitchen utensils in the kitchen area only (such as cups, plates, cutlery, pans etc) as it is not allowed to take these to your room or any other common areas. 50 €
Any improper use resulting in any negative outcome in terms of the equipment´s durability may result in a fine of the same value of the equipment. In case of intentional improper use, Uhub will have a cause to unilaterally put an end to the service agreement expelling the responsible Occupier from the residence. 50 € / Or replacement of the equipment´s of the same value of the equipment / Unilateral cancellation of the service agreement
DEFECTS AND DAMAGES The Occupier is responsible for identifying and communicating all defects and damages in the housing unit and its equipment at the time of check-in since he/she will be responsible for these pre-existing defects and damages at any time if they have not been properly identified. 
The Occupier shall inform immediately Uhub staff members of any equipment malfunctioning or any problem in the facilities and must ensure the safety of the housing unit and the whole residence by not performing any action that may lead to any unsafe outcome. 
According to table of repair services
OUTSIDE VISITORS Outside visitors can only be at the residence between 8h00 and 22h00, or with express authorization from U.hub. The resident who brings visitors to the residence is responsible for the actions of its visitors and their compliance of the rules presented in this document. All visits must identify themselves. After 22h00 the residence is for the exclusive use of its residents. 100 €
SECURITY The Occupier must refrain from taking any action that could pose a threat to the residence or to the property of any of the Residents. These actions include, sharing the access code of the housing unit with strangers, letting visitors entering the room, leaving the room open, and not closing windows and doors properly. 100 €
INSPECTIONS The Occupier shall allow Uhub or its duly authorized representative to visit the premises, housing unit included, at any time during the Services Agreement period and at the end of this period to verify that the Resident has kept the premises in a general good condition, and to verify that the property is being returned at the end of the Service Agreement in the same condition as it was received. The Occupier will compensate Uhub for any damages, except for proper wear resulting from normal and prudent use. According to table of repair services
ROOF It is strictly forbidden for Occupiers or visitors to climb to the building’s roof or use the stairs that access it. Any damage caused to the roof will also be charged to Occupiers. Any incident caused by an Occupiers or visitor while at the roof or at the roofs access stairs is responsibility of the resident.  100 €
HANGING CLOTHES Hanging clothes for drying purposes is only allowed in the cloth hangers designed for that purpose in the laundry room. It is strictly forbidden to hang clothes in any common space besides the laundry room. 10 €
NOISE Between 7h00 and 23h00, overall noise at the residence must be moderate in a way that enables a good environment for studying or social interaction. Between 23h00 and 7h00 it is strictly forbidden to make noise thus respecting the rest of the Residents. In case one of the residents makes a request for another resident to moderate the level of noise, the resident shall abide to the request thus respecting the right of said resident to feel comfortable at his place of residence. 50 €
FIRE RISK Candles, flammable materials, or other type of flame producing equipment are not allowed at the residence. It is strictly forbidden to cook in any area not designated for such purpose. Lighting fires are obviously forbidden. It's forbidden to cover, touch or move the fire detectors equipment’s. 50 €
PETS It is strictly forbidden to have pets in the housing units. 100 €
SMOKING This residence has a strict non-smoking policy in all the building areas. 50 €



In case of Non-compliance with the stated rules above, according to the severity of the violation, non-compliance with the rules may originate a warning call from someone of the cleaning team or operational team of U. Hub and/or a loss of the rights given to the resident by this terms or by the service agreement, including the eviction from the building and the cancelation of his service agreement.


The residents are responsible for a proper use of the spaces and equipment available at the residence and will have to compensate Uhub in case this does not happen. In case there is any damage in a common equipment which cannot be attributed to any of the residents, all residents are held accountable. UHUB will provide a daily cleaning service of all common spaces, except for Sundays and public holidays. For such cleanings to happen, all residents shall provide access to the unit/common spaces, its equipment and furniture. All residents must clean the common spaces after using them, especially the kitchens, sculleries, studying areas, restrooms, the laundry, the exterior deck and all remaining areas.